Conference to help residents ‘build wealth, not debt’

Originally published in the Kenosha News

By Health and Well-Being Educator, Mary Metten

It is not difficult to find stories in the news about Americans currently facing staggering amounts of debt or general issues surrounding money management.

From the oft-ridiculed millennials and avocado toast standing in the way of a mortgage to the baby boomer generation now navigating Medicare and supplemental plans on a fixed income, the vast majority of people in this country often experience varying degrees of financial dilemmas.

Many people find that debt and money problems are non-negotiable parts of their existence no matter what age or stage of life.

When stress regarding money is your reality, figuring out the best way to proceed toward important financial goals can be a complex process. Seeking out help along the way can make a huge difference in gaining confidence, resources and information.

2018 Money Conference

On Saturday, Nov. 3, Asset Builders is presenting the 14th Annual Racine/Kenosha Money Conference. A theme of the conference is to “build wealth, not debt.”

The event is being held at Knapp Elementary School, 2701 17th St., in Racine this year starting at 8:30 a.m. and concluding at 1 p.m.

The purpose of the Money Conference is to provide people living in the Kenosha and Racine area with a half day of financial education topics and resources for families. The various breakout sessions will cover subjects such as home buying, credit, budgeting, identity theft, teaching children about money, and many others.

In its 14th year, the conference has a strong network of presenters from the Kenosha and Racine areas, bringing different experience and expertise to the annual program.

Building Good Consumers

One of the breakout sessions at the Money Conference will take a closer look at teaching children how to learn skills of being a good consumer. This is not only referencing saving and spending money; much of the information will share ways to help adults talk with children about how to know when they are being advertised to and how media is intricately woven into our lives.

In 2018, advertising is far savvier than traditional magazine advertisements and television commercials.

It is important for adults and children to recognize the subtle ways marketing is all around us. Marketers and companies rightfully view children as an important piece of consumerism.

They are spending significant amounts of money on their own purchases; they influence family decisions regarding what to do and buy; and reaching children can promise a potential lifetime of brand loyalty.

As most people spend much more time with individual screens (smartphones, computers and tablets) than in the past, different opportunities for marketing have arisen in the recent years using the screened devices for constant contact.

There are openings within media consumption to discuss advertisements and marketing with children. This will, in turn, give the opportunity to teach more about saving, learning and decision-making to be a conscious consumer.

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