Kenosha County Youth as Resources taking grant applications

Article originally published in the Kenosha News.

Groups of Kenosha County youth who are in grades K-12 who want to make a difference in their community are encouraged to apply for grants from Kenosha County Youth As Resources.

Youth As Resources is grant-giving organization that funds youth-designed and youth-led community service projects that benefit individuals in Kenosha County.

Each youth group must have a sponsor organization such as a church, school, or community agency and an adult sponsor.

Groups of young people with one or more adults are encouraged to brainstorm about Kenosha County community problems or needs. Ideas can be found at and click on “Service Opportunities in Kenosha County.”

After identifying a Kenosha County community need and designing a community service project to addresses that need, the groups can apply for YAR grant funding.

Those seeking funds will be asked to give a three-minute presentation to the YAR Board about their project and answer any questions the YAR Board may have about the service project.

Those granted funds must complete the service project, document the implementation of the project, evaluating the benefit to the community; and submit a summary of the project by completing the YAR Project Book and send to the Extension Kenosha County Office upon completion.

You can obtain grant funds by reading the grant guidelines and applying for grants of up to $500 by filling out an application by the first deadline for the 2020-21 granting year on Tuesday, Oct. 13. All projects must benefit individuals/groups in Kenosha County.

For more information, contact Kenosha County Youth as Resources at UW-Extension Kenosha County, 19600 75th St., Suite 2; Bristol; phone 262-857-1945.

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