Farm Fresh Atlas of Southeastern Wisconsin

The Farm Fresh Atlas™ of Southeastern Wisconsin is a key marketing tool for many local farms, farmers’ markets and local food businesses.  The Atlas connects residents in the region with food and agricultural products that are produced, processed, and sold locally.

The Atlas features farms and businesses that:

  • Are family or cooperatively owned
  • Operate in a way that protects and sustains the region’s land and water resources
  • Provide safe and fair working conditions for employees
  • Produce, use, or sell Wisconsin farm products

30,000+ copies are printed and distributed regionally every year.  Online version available year-round at

If you’d like to list your farm, farmers market, or business in the Farm Fresh Atlas, please contact:

Leigh Presley
Agriculture Educator
Kenosha County UW-Extension
19600 75th Street, #2
Bristol, WI  53104
General Office:  262-857-1945
Direct:  262-857-1948