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 Food Security Information

What is food security?
Food security is having enough nutritious food for a healthy, active life at all times.  When individuals or families are food insecure, then they are struggling to have or access enough food on a regular basis.  Food insecurity may be due to a lack of money to purchase enough food, or limited availability of healthy foods in areas without full-service grocery stores.

Those who face food insecurity also tend to have health issues associated with the lack of nutritious food, including higher rates of obesity, Type II diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Are there food insecure families in the Kenosha community?
A 2006 survey of almost 4,000 households with elementary-age children in the Kenosha Unified School District indicated that 20% of Kenosha area families (1 out of 5) are food insecure, compared with 12% of Wisconsin households statewide and 11% nationally.  This means that out of the roughly 7,700 KUSD households with young children, 1,540 families struggle to put food on the table at some time.

Where can I learn more?
The full report of the Kenosha Unified School District household food security survey is available:
Household Food Security Report

Additional information about hunger in Kenosha County is available :
Kenosha Poverty and Food Insecurity

Survey of Informal Providers