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Kenosha County Center – Prairie & Arboretum

Prairie & Arboretum Map (PDF Download)

Code No Common Name Scientific Name Zone of cold hardiness    Height     Width   Features
1 Turkish Filbert Corylus colurna 4 40-50′ 15-30′

Broad pyramidal growth habit, exfoliating bark, tolerate urban conditions


2 Chastity Pear Pyrus x triploida‘NCPX2’ 5 35′ 25′

pyramidal growth habit with profuse white flowers in spring and doesn’t produce any fruits, red to purple fall color


3 Early Glow Buckeye Aesculus glabra‘JN select’ 4 35′ 35′

Scorch resistant foliage with early bright red fall color


4 State Street Miyabei Maple Acer miyabei‘Morton’ 4 50′ 40′

Tolerate urban condition, upright oval form with good branching structure


4 American Yellowwood Cladrastis kentukea 4 30-50′ 40-55′

Smooth grey bark, pendulous fragrant white flowers, yellow fall color


5 Worplesdon Sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua‘Worplesdon’ 5 40-45′ 25-30′

Excellent fall color from orange to purple, broadly pyramidal to oval growth habit, produces very less spiny fruits than other cultivars and doesn’t have corky bark


5 Eye Stopper Cork Tree Phellodendron lavallei‘Longenecker’ 4 45′ 50′

Male cork tree, with yellow fall color, upright spreading habit


6 Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple Acer saccharum‘Bailsta’ 4 50′ 40′

Best sugar maple cultivar for urban landscape, excellent red fall color


7 Sienna Glen Maple Acer x freemanii‘Sienna’ 3 40-50′ 35-40′

Pyramidal form with strong central leader, red-burgandy fall color


8 Swamp bicolor Oak Quercus bicolor 4 75′ 65′

Tolerates dry and wet conditions, upright oval form, exfoliating branches, lower surface leaves are leathery and silvery white in color


9 Sterling Silver Linden Tilia tomentosa‘Sterling’ 4 40-50′ 20-30′

Broad pyramidal growth habit, lower surface of the leaves are silver white in color, fragrant blossoms that are magnet to bees


10 Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides 5 70-100′ 25′

Fast growing, decidious evergreen with feathery foliage, coppery brown fall color foliage, tolerates wet and dry soil


11 Debonair Pond Cypress Taxodium ascendens‘Morris’ 5 60′ 20′

Pendulous, thread like green needles that turns coppery brown in fall, tolerates wet and dry condition


12 Exclamation! London Planetree Platanus x acerfolia ‘Morton Circle’ 4 60′ 45′

Fast growing, strong central leader with upright spreading, , exfoliating colorful bark, resistance to anthracnose, tolerates urban conditions, hardier than Bloodgood cultivar


14 Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress Taxodium distichum‘Mickelson’ 4 50′ 15-20′

Deciduous conifer, with pyramidal growth habit, tolerates urban conditions, fine textured needles, reddish brown needles in fall, bark exfoliates in stripes


15 Black Gum Nyssa sylvatica 4 30-50′ 20′-30′

Brilliant fall color from yellow, organge and maroon, prefers moist, acid soil


16 Baumann Horse Chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum‘Baumannii’ 4 40′ 40′

Double white flowers, fruitless, taller and narrow growth habit


17 Princeton Elm Ulmus americana‘Princeton’ 3 60-80′ 40-60′

Broad upright growth habit, large dark green leaves, yellow fall color, tolerates urban conditions and highly resistant to dutch elm disease


18 Skyline Honeylocust Gleditsia triacanthos f. inermis ‘Skycole’ 3 50-60′ 35-45′

Good central leader with upright spreading branches, tolerates urban conditions


19 Gold Select Catalpa Catalpa speciosa ’Gold Select’ 5 30′ 20′

Attractive heart shaped, yellow foliage with emerging leaves have coppery red tinge color


20 Chicagoland Hackberry Celtis occidentalis‘Chicagoland’ 2 40′ 50′

Strong central leader with upright growth, tolerate urban condition


21 Firespire Musclewood Carpinus caroliniana ‘J.N. Upright’ 3 20′ 10′

Narrow upright habit, bright orange -red fall color, tolerate sun and shade


22 Starburst Amur Maackia Maackia amurensis‘Starburst’ 4 25′ 20′

Emerging leaves are silvery white, mature bark turns copper brown, white pendulous flowers around mid summer, tolerant to soil conditions


23 Black Hills Spruce Picea glauca‘Densata’ 2 20-40′ 15-25′

Slow growing, dense, compact habit, provides excellent winter cover for wildlife, suitable for screening or wind break


24 Espresso Kentucky Coffee Tree Gymnocladus dioicus‘Espresso’ 4 50′ 35′

Male cultivar, upright oval growth habit, tolerates urban conditions, better growth rate


25 Schuette Oak Quercus x schuettei 3 75′ 70′

Hybrid of swamp white and bur oak, easy to transplant, vigorous in growth, tolerates urban conditions


26 Moraine Sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua‘Moraine’ 5 40-45′ 25-30′

Star shaped glossy dark green leaves with brilliant reddish maroon fall color, better cold hardy, develops chlorosis in high pH soil, prefers moist soil, produces spiny fruit


27 Chinkapin Oak Quercus muehlenbergii 4 75′ 75′

Native to Wisconsin, prefers alkaline soil, tolerates urban conditions, wildlife are attracted to its acorn


29 European Beech Fagus sylvatica 5 50-60′ 35-45′

Smooth grey bark, glossy dark green leaves, golden bronze fall color, slow growing, better tolerant to soil conditions than american beech


30 Concolor Fir Abies concolor 4 30-50′ 15-30′

Soft, blue green needles, alternative to blue spruce


31 Prairie Sentinel Hackberry Celtis occidentalis‘JFS-KSU1’ 4 45′ 12′

Columnar growth habit, tolerate urban condition


32 Triumph Elm Ulmus ‘Morton Glossy’ 4 55′ 45′

Upright oval, with good branching structure, excellent drought tolerant, glossy, dark green foliage


33 Regal Prince Oak Quercus x warei‘Long’ 4 45′ 18′

Columnar growth habit, vigorous in growth


34 Tulip Tree Liriodendron tulipifera 4 80′ 45′

Greenish yellow tulip like flowers with orange interior, upright, pyramidal growth habit


35 Accolade Elm Ulmus ‘Morton’ Accolade 4 70′ 40-50′

Arching branches with vase shaped growth habit, yellow fall color and good resistance to dutch elm disease


36 White Spruce Picea glauca 2 40-60′ 10-20′

Broadly pyramidal, pale green to glaucous green, aromatic needles, prefers well drained soil, tolerates heat, drought conditions


37 Emerald Spire Flowering Crabapple Malus x adstringens‘Jefgreen’ 15′ 6′

Columnar growth habit, dark green to purple leaves, pink flowers


38 Fringetree Chionanthus virginicus 4 12-20′ 12-20′

large shurb with fleecy white flowers in summer, tolearates alkaline soil, female plants produce blue fruits


39 American Hophornbeam Ostrya virginiana 3 25′ 15′

Upright pyramidal growth habit, fruits enclosed in a hops like bracts, sensitive to salt


40 Bladdernut Staphylea trifolia 4 10-15′ 8-12′

large shrub with upright spreading growth habit, white bell shaped flower in spring that produces inflated capsule that rattles in fall


41 Pink Flair Cherry Prunus sargentii‘JFS-KW58’ 4 25′ 15′

Upright vase shaped form, blooms little later than other cultivars in spring, maroon bark color


42 Javelin Pear Pyrus ‘NCPX1’ 5 35′ 10′

Columnar pear tree with pink buds that turns to white flowers, may produce fruits, red fall color, fireblight resistant


43 Princeton Sentry Ginkgo Ginkgo biloba‘Princeton Sentry’ 4 40′ 15′

Narrow pyramidal growth habit with bright yellow fall color, fruitless


44 Adirondack Crabapple Malus‘Adirondack’ 4 20′ 12′

Dense upright branches, white flowers, persistent orange red fruits till mid winter, excellent scab resistant


45 Snowdance Japanese Tree lilac Syringa reticulata 4 18′ 20′

Heavy blooming tree with creamy white flowers, sterlie seeds


48 Three-Flower Maple Acer triflorum 4 20-30′ 20-30′

Exfoliating bark, trifoliate leaves, excellent fall color


49 Franklin Tree Franklinia alatamaha 6 10-20′ 6-15′

Fragrant, creamy white flowers with yellow stamens, blooms in late summer, orange to red fall color


50 Hardy Rubber Tree Eucommia ulmoides 5 40-60′ 30-50′

Broadly spreading growth habit, with dark green glossy leaves that exudes latex, tolerant to urban conditions


51 Snowcone Japanese Snowbell Styrax japonicus‘JFS-D’ 5 25′ 20′

bell shaped creamy white flowers in early summer, small size tree for part shaded area


52 Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry Dogwood Cornus mas‘Golden Glory’ 4 20-25′ 15′

large shrub with upright growth habit, bright yellow flowers in early spring, edible bright red cherry like fruit, purple fall color


53 European Tricolor Beech Fagus sylvatica‘Tricolor’ 5 40′ 20-30′

Purple leaf with rosy pink border, prefers moist, part shade


54 Chinese Kousa Dogwood Cornus kousa 5 20-30′ 20-30′

Creamy white flowers with four long pointed bracts, multicolored mosaic pattern on trunk, deep red fall color, prefers partial shade


55 Sunburt Magnolia Magnolia‘Sunburst’ 5 30′ 20′

Pyramidal upright, fragrant yellow flowers, relatively fast growing


56 Seven Son Flower Heptacodium miconioides 5 15-20′ 8-15′

Exfoliating bark, white fragrant flowers in fall and its sepals turn pink in mid to late fall


58 Rose Marie Magnolia Magnolia ‘Rose Marie’ 5 10-12′ 8′

Late blooming, rosy pink color, blooms last longer than others


59 Katsura Tree Cercidiphyllum japonicum 4 40-60′ 20-35′

Heart shaped leaves with yellow fall color, requires moist, rich soil.


60 Bloodgood London Planetree Platanus x acerifolia‘Bloodgood’ 4 50′ 30′ Fast growing, upright spreading, exfoliating colorful bark, leaves resembles like maples, anthracnose resistance, tolerates urban conditions