4-H Project Team Chairs

4-H and UW-Extension logosIf you have any questions about countywide 4-H projects, contact one of the team members listed below or the Kenosha County UW-Extension Office at 262-857-1945.

Archery Project

George Johnson
Phone:  262-515-8124

Beef Project

John Herda
Phone: 262-206-8145

Cat Project

Kelly Slagle
Phone: 815-847-8244


Lila Muhlenbeck
Phone: 262-857-7796

Sue Longhway

Dairy Project Team

Tara Daniels
Phone: 262-770-2335
E-Mail: tara.daniels@yahoo.com

Greta Hackbarth
Phone: 262-206-8773
E-mail: gooch18@hotmail.com

Dog Project

Cindy Bundy
Phone: 262-857-9412
E-Mail: mslf@ticon.net

Melissa Peterson
Phone: 262-652-0626
E-Mail: Mpeterson918@yahoo.com

Melissa Ney
Phone: 262-652-0626

Fishing Project

Dave and Julie Linton
Phone: 262-716-7185

Dean and Jan Nau
Phone: 262-206-5305

Foods Project

Raina Hodgson
Phone: 262-862-2932
E-Mail: shodgson@wi.rr.com

Goat Project

Regina LaForge
Phone: 262-577-1920
E-Mail: frlaforge7@gmail.com

Amanda Pouloni
Phone: 262-359-0888

Poultry Project

Colleen Knapp
Phone: 262-945-8675
E-mail: cknapp10@wi.rr.com

Rabbit/Cavies Project

Sue Kaminski
Phone: 262-515-5343
E-Mail: sissy46@peplepc.com

Rocketry Project

Greg Kunkel
Phone: 262-206-0030


Joi Linneman
Phone: 262-279-5041

Shooting Sports

Greg Kunkel
Phone:  262-206-0030

Jay Harpster
Phone: 262-537-2123

Swine Project

Lynn Petges
Phone: 262-366-8056

Updated 10/07/19