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Kenosha County Youth As Resources (YAR) is a grant-giving program which funds youth-designed, youth-led community service projects in Kenosha County. Youth, with guidance from adults, determine the project they believe will address a need in their community.  Youth groups may apply to Kenosha County Youth As Resources (YAR) for small grants of up to $500 which may be used to purchase supplies for the project, but may not be used to pay for volunteer time. The YAR Board reads all applications and invites youth groups to present their proposals directly to the board.

Kenosha County Youth As Resources (YAR) was developed out of a need – a need to make the youth of Kenosha County feel more connected to their community. According to results from a 2010 Search Institute Survey of Kenosha County youth, only 27% feel that they are given useful roles in the community.  An even lower 25% of youth feel that adults value them. Kenosha County Youth As Resources (YAR) is a program of Kenosha County University of Wisconsin-Extension in partnership with the United Way of Kenosha County.

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Service Opportunities for Youth

In 2016, Kenosha County Youth As Resources partnered with members of Leadership Kenosha to update our comprehensive list of service opportunities for youth.  The list may be used by any youth or youth group wishing to do community service regardless of whether or not they apply for YAR grant funds. 

Youth As Resources Grant Information

Four times a year, Youth As Resources awards grants to area youth groups to assist with community service and service-learning initiatives. Youth must design the service projects themselves and must demonstrate their projects are both educational and of benefit to the community in Kenosha County.

  • YAR Grant Application Word | PDF: YAR grant application for youth-led service projects in Kenosha County.
  • Project Proposal Evaluation Form: This is an evaluation form the YAR Board of Directors uses to evaluate the projects that are presented. You may use this form while you are writing the grant and getting ready for your presentation.
  • A Few Tips for Project Presentations: Due to limited time available for project presentations, the YAR Board encourages grant applicants to consider the tips on this sheet to ensure that their presentations are both compelling and concise.
  • Map to Kenosha Area Business Alliance Building: Map to the Kenosha Area Business Alliance Building, 5500 6th Avenue, Suite 210, Kenosha, WI
  • 2018-2019 Grant Schedule

Youth As Resources Board of Directors

The Kenosha County Youth As Resources Board of Directors is made up of youth and adults throughout Kenosha County. This board meets once a month to discuss community issues, provide grants to youth-led community service groups, and plan community involvement initiatives. Youth board members develop leadership and professional skills while receiving guidance from adults.

  • YAR Board Member Application: Application for youth grades 9-12 and adults who are interested in serving on the YAR Board of Directors.  Applications will be due in May 2016, and, in addition to the written application, a face-to-face interview may be used to select new board members.
  • YAR Board Manual 2017-18: This manual was designed to answer any questions you may have regarding YAR and the board’s operations. This manual also includes the organization’s by-laws.
  • YAR Calendar 2017-18
  • YAR Promotional Flyer

Youth As Resources Annual Reports

The Kenosha County YAR annual reports outline the projects that have received funding from October to May of that year (e.g. Oct 2005 – May 2006). The annual reports serve as a tool to help you see what has been done in the community and by whom. You may also use the annual reports to help jump-start your community service project with ideas for projects you could do.

Youth As Resources Endowment Fund

In memory of her husband Leonard Johnson, Patricia Johnson donated the initial funds to start the Endowment Fund in 2008.   The fund is designed to ensure the long-range sustainability of the Kenosha County Youth As Resources program.  Only the earnings of the fund will be used to support local youth-led service projects.

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Youth As Resources Contact Information

Kenosha County Youth As Resources (YAR)
Kenosha County UW-Extension
19600 – 75th Street, Suite 2
Bristol, WI 53104
711 for Wisconsin Relay (TDD)
262-857-1998 (fax)