4-H Projects

4-H involves youth in project-based education. Through project learning, youth can explore their interests and master new skills. 4-H projects are meant to be hands-on to create a memorable learning experience. Since 4-H started in the early 1900s, youth have learned by doing. This hands-on process allows youth to understand not only how to do something but also why they are doing it.

A project is simply a topic that you can explore. As you explore a 4-H project, you’ll learn more than just subject matter, you’ll learn life skills, too. These include valuable skills such as communication, working with others, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Below is a list of countywide 4-H projects, meaning that there is a schedule of project meetings taking place that are open to youth throughout the county.

4-H members who are in 5K-2nd grade should enroll in the Cloverbud project.  The Cloverbud project is a project that offers our youngest 4-H members developmentally appropriate exposure to a variety of projects.

Countywide Project Countywide Project Leader Contact Information
Air Rifle Greg Kunkel airrifle_4h_kenosha@yahoo.com
Archery Jeff Karow kenosha.county.4harchery@gmail.com
Beef Heather Warren heatherherda@yahoo.com
Cat Kelly Slagle kcslagle@live.com
Clothing & Quilting Lila Muhlenbeck
Sue Johnson
Dairy Niki Steffenhagen steffenhagenn@yahoo.com
Dog Cindy Bundy
Melissa Peterson
Fishing Julie Hubbard kenosha4hfishingproject@yahoo.com
Foods & Nutrition Raina Hodgson rhodgson910@gmail.com
Goat Regina LaForge
Amanda Pauloni
Horse Horse Project Leadership Team kenoshahorseproject@gmail.com
LEGOS Kristina Edstrom kedstrom@wi.rr.com
Photography Roger Sherman shermans@wi.rr.com
Poultry Colleen Knapp cknapp1010@gmail.com
Rabbits & Cavies Sue Kaminski
Kris Wienke
Rocketry Greg Kunkel model_rocketry_4h_kenosha@yahoo.com
Sheep Joi Linneman linneman_lambs@yahoo.com
Shotgun Jay Harpster harpsterj19@gmail.com
Swine Corie Bies
Kari Kreye-Krucek