4-H Projects

A project is simply a topic that you can explore. As you explore a 4-H project, you’ll learn more than just subject matter. You’ll learn life skills, too. These include valuable skills such as communication, working with others, problem-solving, and decision-making.

There are so many types of projects available to youth in 4-H!

4-H members who are in 5K-2nd grade should enroll in the Cloverbud project.  The Cloverbud project is a project that offers our youngest 4-H members developmentally appropriate exposure to a variety of projects.

Some projects are offered at the club level.  Hundreds are available through self-study.  Check out the comprehensive list of 4-H project areas.  A PDF version is available for download.

Below is a list of Kenosha’s countywide 4-H projects, meaning there is at least one project leader and regular meetings available to 4-H members throughout the county, regardless of the 4-H club in which they are enrolled.

Countywide Project Countywide Project Leader Contact Information

 Air Rifle, Air Pistol *

.22 Pistol, .22 Rifle *

Greg Kunkel airrifle_4h_kenosha@yahoo.com
Archery* Jeff Karow kenosha.county.4harchery@gmail.com
Beef Heather Warren heatherherda@yahoo.com
Clothing & Quilting Lila Muhlenbeck
Sue Johnson
Dairy Niki Steffenhagen steffenhagenn@yahoo.com
Dog Cindy Bundy
Melissa Peterson
Fishing Julie Hubbard kenosha4hfishingproject@yahoo.com
Foods & Nutrition
Goat Regina LaForge
Amanda Pauloni
Horse/Horseless Horse Horse Project Leadership Team kenoshahorseproject@gmail.com
Photography Roger Sherman shermans@wi.rr.com
Poultry Colleen Knapp cknapp1010@gmail.com
Rabbits & Cavies Sue Kaminski
Kris Wienke
Rocketry Greg Kunkel model_rocketry_4h_kenosha@yahoo.com
Sheep Joi Linneman linneman_lambs@yahoo.com
Ukranian Eggs Jessie Tonyan jesstonyan@yahoo.com
Swine Kari Kreye-Krucek 4hkenoshaswine@gmail.com

*Youth have to be at least 8 years old and in 3rd grade to take part in archery or shooting air rifles and air pistols.  Youth must be at least 12 years old to shoot .22 pistols and .22 rifles.