Community Development

The University of Wisconsin-Extension has a strong tradition of working in all 72 counties throughout the state in a range of programs—most often associated with agriculture and 4-H. The roots of the organization started with the soil and remain deeply ‘rooted’ across Wisconsin communities. What helped your UW-Extension thrive over the past 100 years is that it has served as a bridge between community needs and university research—and that remains true today although UW-Extension programming has moved far beyond the fields–through Community Development program areas.

Community Development Educator

Amy Greil began working in Kenosha County’s UW-Extension office in April of 2013. Greil describes herself as living out ‘The Wisconsin Idea’ where the boundaries of the University extend to the boundaries of the state. Taken quite literally, that means every person living in the state is a student of the University of WI and is entitled to research-quality data (not Wikipedia) to improve decision-making and greatly enhance the quality of life. And this approach works because bringing real-world problems into the realm of university research is key to improving the condition of our communities and in keeping the university accountable to the people paying its bills.

Amy Greil
Community Development Educator
University Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension in Kenosha County
19600 75th Street
Bristol, WI  53104