Kenosha County Association for Home and Community Education

HCE logoWhat Is HCE?

The Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education, Inc. (WAHCE), is a non-profit educational organization comprised of member associations in 54 counties in Wisconsin. The organization is unique in that members extend the information they receive from the University faculty and other reliable sources to the membership and community.

Program planning and leadership training are provided by a collaborative effort of WAHCE, Inc. and the UW-Extension Family Living Program.  Programs exist at both the state and the county level to bring quality educational programming to our members and our communities. Visit their website at

HCE Mission Statement

HCE offers opportunities for learning in a social setting, sharing what we learn, and caring to make a difference in our homes, communities and the world.

What Is Kenosha County HCE?

Started in September 1951, Kenosha County Association for Home and Community Education (KCAHCE) is one of 54 county organizations that maintain membership with WAHCE. KCAHCE provides educational programs for its members, who then share the information they learn with family, friends and neighbors. KCAHCE also gives members opportunities to volunteer their time and talents within the local community.

KCAHCE is governed by a Board of Directors and administered by various committees.

Members of the 2019 KCAHCE Executive Board
President Donna Z. 262-857-7502
President-Elect Sherri D. 262-2106998
Vice President Priscilla K. 262-857-7707
Secretary Joyce M. 262-857-7254
Treasurer (appointed) Chris W. 262-857-3458

Learn more:

Kenosha County HCE Brochure

Kenosha County HCE By-Laws

Why join HCE?

Meet great people who are like-minded in their ideals of serving within our county and learning new information every day. Never get too old to want to learn!

Enjoy working toward positive goals within our communities. Clothing sales, reading books to children (and giving those same books to every class member!), and scholarship opportunities for family members are just a few of the great local services with HCE.

Attend education programs in our county or travel to district meetings and even state conventions. Speakers discuss the most recent developments in everything from gardening to veterans’ homes to healthy diets.

With club meetings at different times, different days, and different locations throughout Kenosha County, there is a club that will work in your schedule and will welcome you happily.

Why join HCE? Because this world offers so much to learn, so many people to meet, so many causes to help.


Calendar of Events

Please note that topics and schedule are subject to change.

June 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Wisconsin Bookworms

Wiggly the Worm

Wisconsin BookwormsTM is a WAHCE collaboration and outreach effort among UW-Extension Family Living Programs and Wisconsin Public Television. It is designed to provide free books and an early reading experience for children from limited income families.

Each month volunteers from Kenosha County HCE read award-winning books to the children, engage them in a related activity, give books to the children and provide educational activity sheets for their families. Currently we read to over 235 children in our county. The Kenosha County HCE organization raises all the funds to purchase these books through donations and fundraising activities.

Learn more: Kenosha County HCE’s Bookworms Program


Membership is open to all persons without regard to race, color, ethnic background or economic circumstances. Members typically join HCE clubs, but may join as Individual or Family Members.  All members within the same household may take part in HCE activities.

HCE Club Membership

An HCE club is a group of friends and neighbors who meet regularly to:

  • Get the latest information on what’s new for the home and family
  • Learn how to do things and/or go to places that are of interest to the group
  • Get involved with community service projects
  • Have fellowship and fun

Currently, there are 7 HCE Clubs in Kenosha County:

Name Meeting Time Contact Person Contact Info
Bristol Club 2nd Monday of the month at 1 pm Joann 262-947-0277
Merry Makers 2nd Wednesday, 10 am Dorothy 262-658-1740
Country Cousins

3rd Wednesday of the month at 2:30pm

(No meeting in June, July or August)





Crosstown Neighbors Meeting times vary monthly Heidi 262-877-8565
Good Neighbors 3rd Thursday, 7 pm Mary Ellen 262-857-6557
The JJ’s 3rd Saturday, 10 am Pat 262-537-4685
Twilight 20’s 2nd Tuesday, 1 pm or 7 pm Rosella 262-537-4559

Individual Membership

Individual Membership is for a person who is interested in learning, but for one reason or another cannot attend club meetings and wish to still participate in the activities of KCAHCE including educational programs, events and activities that are of personal interest to him/her.

Household Membership

Members of the same household  (husband and wife, mother and daughter) may join KCAHCE and pay only one membership and still enjoy the benefits of HCE membership.

Membership Dues

For an annual membership dues payment of $17.00 to Kenosha County HCE:

  • You can join an organized club.
  • You can become an Individual Member.
  • You can organize your own HCE club.
  • Dues include membership in the county, district and state HCE organizations.
  • Members may attend all county, district, state and national HCE events.

For more information

Contact Kenosha County HCE Membership Chairpersons: Regina at 847-395-2044
Contact Kenosha County UW-Extension, 19600 75th Street, Suite 2, Bristol, WI  53104, 262-857-1945

KCAHCE Member Forms

Leadership Scholarship Application (for members only): Word Doc | PDF
Family Member Scholarship Application: Word Doc | PDF
Dues Form: Word Doc | PDF
Membership Roll: Word Doc | PDF
Expense Form: Word Doc | PDF
Meeting Minutes Form: Word Doc | PDF

For State WAHCE Scholarship Forms, see the WAHCE website.

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