4-H Fishing Project


Fishing logo -- fish jumping and 4-H CloverWelcome to the Kenosha County 4-H Fishing Program. Here in Kenosha County, the 4-H Fishing program offers young people many different types of opportunities to learn all about fishing from caring volunteer adult 4-H leaders.

The Fishing Project started in a Leaders basement in 1985, with about 5 members. Since then we have grown to a membership of about 80 with very high parent participation. We now have a junior leader program, an outreach program to the urban community, and are recognized all over southeast Wisconsin as one of the “fun and informative projects” .

The Kenosha County Fishing Project is open to any 4-H member, who enjoys fishing and would like to know more about the sport.  It is the goal of the Kenosha County Fishing Project to have it’s members:

  • Promote conservation of our natural resources regarding lake habitat, and proper fish management.
  • Learn responsibility by taking only legal size and limit, and by promoting catch and release.
  • Learn proper and safe boating procedures.
  • Obey rules posted on various lakes, such as size and bag limits, warning buoys, no wake zones, and the removal of weeds from the boat and trailer to prevent the spread of Eurasian Milfoil, VHS, and other exotic species.
  • Have our more experienced members be Junior Leaders and introduce beginning 4-Hers to the fun of fishing.
  • Learn the finer points of fishing through classes, workshops, and outings.

Fishing handbook 2017-2018  (pdf format)
Casting Contest Rules
Fishing Derby Information
Fishing policy
Fishing Schedule
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Boating Safety:

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