Youth For the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA)

YQCA Requirement – 2021 Kenosha County
The Kenosha County Fair Board will require that all youth ages 8 – 21 exhibiting an animal in the Beef, Dairy, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, or Swine project have a current, 2021 YQCA Certification in order to show at the 2021 fair. The fair board emphasizes YQCA as an educational opportunity for Kenosha County Fair exhibitors.

Options for Meeting the 2021 YQCA Requirement:

  1. Take the online training. The web-based program takes about an hour to complete and includes interactive modules and quizzes. Cost for the web-based training is $12/per person/per year.
  2. Test out of YQCA for 3 years via an online training and test. This option is only available to youth ages 12, 15, or 19. If the online test is passed, this option will cost between $36 and $48 based on the youth’s age, with payment being made upon completion. Certification via this option will last for three years.

Face-to-face instructor-led trainings may be held sometime this spring, pending any easing of COVID-19 limitations on group meetings. If cost or internet access is a barrier for completing this program, please contact Leigh Presley at 262-857-1948, leigh.presley@wisc.edu at the Kenosha County Extension office. Please keep in mind that Extension is only coordinating communications about this program and has no control over cost or fair requirements.

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT FOR THE WEB-BASED TRAININGS MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE at https://yqca.learngrow.io.  Log in using your 4-H online credentials, or set up a new YQCA account if you are not a 4-H member. Based on your age as of December 31, 2020 select a course from the course list, then select the web-based training and finally, pay for your course. For help with YQCA accounts, contact help@yqca.org.

Questions?  Contact Leigh Presley, Agriculture Educator, at 262-857-1948 or leigh.presley@wisc.edu.  Please keep in mind that Extension is only delivering the instructor-led training and has no control over program costs, online payments, or program content.  Read these FAQs for more information about the program.