Recipe for Leadership

This curriculum kit is intended to provide you with a set of activities that you can use within your own leadership development program.  Using various activities from all of the four main modules can result in a full program of your own design, or individual activities can be used alone.  How you use the activities is up to you.

The activities are based on a set of skills defined by a team of leadership trainers from the University of Wisconsin Extension Quad Counties (Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine and Waukesha), encompassing both Youth Development and Neighborhood Programming.  Activities were developed to be used with a wide range of groups, from junior high school through adult professional, with all levels of leadership experience.

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Recipe for Leadership Table of Contents

How to Use Recipe for Leadership

The Recipe for Leadership Team has also developed a pre-program survey that can be used as a tool to measure the needs of your group.

Leadership Survey


Active Listening
How To Listen
How To Listen Worksheet
Memory Test

Listening Between the Lines
I Think This Is What You Meant
I Think This is What You Meant Worksheet
Hearing Hurdles


Creating Positive first Impressions
First Things First
Preparation Counts
Preparation Counts Worksheet

What and Who You Know
Mapping Personal Assets
Mapping Personal Assets Worksheet
Who Do You Know
Who Do You Know Handout


Holding Individual and Small Group Conversations
One on One
One on One Handout
Lets Broaden The Group

Making Introductions
May I Introduce..
Our Speaker Is
Our Speaker Is Worksheet

Phone Calls
Phone Etiquette
Phone Etiquette Worksheet

Presenting to a Group
Public Speaking
Public Speaking Worksheet
Making Your Case


Thank You Notes
Business Letters
Business Letters Worksheet

How To Make A Flyer
How To Make A Flyer Worksheet
For The Press
For The Press Handout
For The Press Handout 2

Meeting Notes and Agendas
How To Take Meeting Notes
Developing An Agenda
Developing An Agenda Worksheet

Conflict Resolution

Cooperative Power
Respecting Differences
Respecting Differences Handout
Cooperative Process
Cooperative Process Handout

Mapping the Conflict
Nature Of Conflict
Coping With Conflict
Coping With Conflict Worksheet
Coping With Conflict Worksheet 2

Mediation and Negotiation
Ground Rules For Fighting Fair
Ground Rules For Fighting Fair Handout
Strategies For Win-Win Resolutions
Strategies For Win-Win Resolutions Handout

Engaging and Empowering Others

Acknowledging the Team
Appreciation Matters
Incentives And Rewards

What is Delegation
Keeping Track
Keeping Track Worksheet

A Role For Everyone
Making Room Room Other Leaders

Ground Rules

Avoiding Stereotypes and Prejudices
What Is A Stereotype
What Is A Stereotype Worksheet 1
What Is A Stereotype Worksheet 2
Pride and Prejudice

Celebrating Diversity and Cultural Awareness
Everyone Has A Culture
Everyone Has A Culture Handout
Cultural Leadership
Cultural Leadership Handout

Minding your Manners
Minding Your Manners
Formal Dinner Protocol
Formal Dinner Protocol Worksheet

Group Decision Making

Building Consensus
Honoring All Voices
Agreeing To Disagree
Agreeing To Disagree Handout

Hosting Meetings and Open Forums
How to Hold A Meeting
How To Hold A Meeting Handout
Parliamentary Procedure
Parliamentary Procedure Handling a Motion
Parliamentary Pro Quiz – What Do You Know About Parliamentary Procedure
Parliamentary Pro Quiz Answer Key

Team Building

Becoming a Team
Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
Flip The Blanket
Helium Hoop

Breaking the Ice
What’s In A Name
Fortune Cookie Ice Breaker
Fortune Cookie Ice Breaker Quotes

Building Trust
Wind in the Willows

Identifying Types of Teams
Team Types
Team Types Worksheet
Team Leadership Strategies
Team Leadership Strategies Worksheet

Flexibility and Adaptability

Seeing Leaders as Catalysts of Change
Getting Comfortable With Change
Change From Within
Change From Within Worksheet

Thinking on your Feet
That Wasn’t The Plan
That Wasn’t The Plan Worksheet

Personal Vision and Goals

Determining Motivation
Why Are You Here
Sharing Your Motivation
Sharing Your Motivation Worksheet

Establishing Goals and Objectives
How To Establish A Goal
Personal Goals and Vision
Sharing Your Leadership Plan

Stress Management

Establishing Boundaries
Where Is The Heart
Not Here Not Now

Managing Your Emotions
Calm In the Storm
Calm In the Storm Worksheet
Ok To Say No
Ok To Say No Worksheet

Time Management

Personal Scheduling and Planning
Keep Track Of Your Time
Personal Planning

Planning is Proactive
Project Planning
Project Planning Worksheet
Project Planning Worksheet 2
Basics Of Strategic Planning

Prioritizing Tasks
Time Wasters
Life Is A Jar Of Golf Balls
Life Is A Jar Of Golf Balls Story

Principles, Ethics and Values for Leadership

Defining a Principled Leader
What Are Principles And Values
What Are Principles And Values Worksheet
Principle Based Decisions

Exploring Real-world Ethics and Values
From The Headlines
Personal Agendas Or The Greater Good
Personal Agendas Or The Greater Good Worksheet

Understanding Leadership

Defining Leadership
Leaders That You Know
Leaders That You Know Handout
First You Lead Yourself
Organizer Vs. Leader

Determining Leadership Styles and Situations
Leadership Styles
Leadership Styles Worksheet
Leadership Situations
Leadership Situations Worksheet

Distinguishing Between Born Vs. Created

I Am A Leader Because
Learning To Lead
Identifying Future Leaders
Identifying Future Leaders Worksheet


This project was supported through funding from the Quad Counties University of Wisconsin Extension System.  June, 2006.

Advisory Team:

Project Team Leaders:
John de Montmollin, Youth and Family Educator, Kenosha County UW-Extension
Jennifer Jones, Neighborhood Programming Coordinator, Waukesha County UW-Extension

Project Coaches:
Tom Riese, Director, Racine County UW-Extension
Tedi Winnett, Director, Kenosha County UW-Extension and Team Leader, Quad Counties UW-Extension

Team Members:
Matthew Armbrust, AmeriCorps *VISTA, Milwaukee County UW-Extension
Brent Betters, AmeriCorps *VISTA, Kenosha County UW-Extension
Alissa Bohman, AmeriCorps *VISTA Leader
Logan Booth, AmeriCorps *VISTA, Kenosha County UW-Extension
Demetrius Brown, 4-H Youth Development Educator, Milwaukee County UW-Extension
Andrea Grant, AmeriCorps *VISTA, Kenosha County UW-Extension
Bethany Kitzrow, 4-H Program Assistant, Kenosha County UW-Extension
Rory Klick, Leadership Curriculum Project Coordinator, Quad Counties UW-Extension
Ann Voge, 4-H Youth Development Faculty Assistant, Racine County UW-Extension

Curriculum Production:

Project Coordinator and Primary Author:  Rory Klick
Contributing Author/Editor: Logan Booth
Contributing Authors: Brent Betters and Andrea Grant
Project Oversightand Graphics:  John de Montmollin
Formatting and Word Processing: Donna Zarovy, Support Staff, Kenosha County UW-Extension