Landscape Short Course

The 2020 Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Short Course program offers a variety of sessions designed to enhance your professional skills and appreciation for lawn care and landscaping done well.

Here are the following speakers schedule and presentation handouts (Click on the title to download):

February 7: Advancing Tree risk mitigation Hauer – Dr. Richard Hauer

February 7: Abiotic Turf Issues & Glyphosate Alternatives – Dr. Paul Koch

February 14: Wildlife-management in Urban Landscape – Dr. David Drake

February 14: The Bill Chill: Cold Temperature Effects on Plants and How to Avoid Damage – Dr. Laura Jull

February 21: Working Backwards: Understanding clues from plant damage to identify insect pests.pdf– PJ Liesch

February 21: Landscape plants for shade.pdf– David Wanninger

February 28: NEW AND TRENDING PERENNIALS & THEIR GARDENS 2020 final – Nancy Nedveck

February 28: New Emerging Diseases  – Dr. Brian Hudelson